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54 Years of Printing Experience!

In the 54 years we left behind in the offset printing industry, we maintain our reliable work principle and showcase our quality in the offset laminated box sector as well.

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We are here to provide you with the best service using professional printing, laminating, gluing, and cutting machines.

From Design to Production

We offer the most professional solutions from the design of your packaging to the printing process.

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Sinay Sıvama Kutu

Wrap Box

It is produced by laminating offset printed sheets onto corrugated board. It can be exemplified with food, electronic, and accessory boxes.

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Sinay Ondüle Kutu

Corrugated Box

It is a type of box formed by one corrugation coming over one sheet of paper. Selection can be made based on wave sizes, and it can be customized for each product.

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Sinay Krome Kutu

Chrome Box

It is a type of box made from American Bristol and chrome. It can be exemplified with mask boxes, medicine boxes, and bakery boxes.

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Sinay Oluklu Kutu

Corrugated Box

It is a durable type of box that is resistant to crushing and damage. It can be designed and produced according to each product.

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Sinay Karton Çanta Kutu

Cardboard Bag

Custom cardboard bags designed specifically for your company, suitable for use in your corporate identity endeavors.

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Production Process

How Does the Production Process Work?

Sinay Design


An eye-catching design ensures that a product is easily noticed. The colors used in the packaging and the design language of the product are crucial in the meeting of the consumer with the product. Let's create your packaging design in the most creative way.

Sinay Print


Quality printing is the key in production. Our company, which has completed its 50th year in the offset printing industry,, will provide you with the best solution in this regard.

Sinay Lamination


The printing of your design, the lamination process on the cardboard boxes you have chosen, with the selected wave type.

Sinay Cutting


Our knives are prepared in special sizes or shapes for your packaging. A proper cutting process will not pose a problem when opening or closing the box.

Sinay Adhesive


It is the final stage of the production process. Your boxes go through the gluing process according to the type of box you have chosen. The gluing process is carried out under the control of our team to ensure that the boxes do not tear or open.

The most crucial factor in delivering your products to customers is the packaging.

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We owe our 51 years of experience to strategic planning. We are eager to showcase our expertise in your business!


We are a Team

Being a team requires carrying the feeling that everyone completes a whole together. We are at your service with our entire team...

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About Us

Sinay Kutu Ambalaj

It started production at the end of the year 2020 after completing the establishment stages.


The company's history dates back to 1970 when it started with a hand pedal. It is currently a sister company of Sincan Printing House, which is active with a 5-color offset, wire stitching robot, computerized 115x polar blade, cutting, and other bookbinding machines.



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